Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I wasn't going to blog today. After yesterday's rant, I didn't have much on my mind. Plus, I've grown tired of writing about The Idiot Who Made Me Cry, The Guy Who Shouldn't Make Me Cry, Broke Ass Niggas and men in general. And I'm sure you, my faithful readers, have gotten sick of reading about my issues with men. Shit, who am I kidding, no you haven't. The only reason you all read my blog is because you're sick, voyeuristic mofos who get off on knowing that there is at least one person in this world who is just as fucked up as you if not more so. But that's neither here nor there. The point is, I felt as though the well had run dry. Oh, but silly me forgot that as long as I'm alive the well will never run dry, because as the bumper sticker said, "Shit happens."
Today I was reading through the comments people have left in my blog (thank you thank you for agreeing with me, and if you didn't then bite me). While perusing through them, I found one from someone who knows me informing me that I've inspired them to start their own blog. I was so moved. To think that lil ol' me could be someone's inspiration is just more than I could have ever hoped for. The fact that I managed to strike a cord in someone who I'm friends with just really lets me know why I'm here on this earth. And reading their first blog entry damn near brought a tear to mine eye. The only thing that could've made this joyous event even more perfect is knowing who the hell this person is.
I have an idea of who could've left the message. Actually it's down to two people, but I shouldn't have to rack my brain to figure this out. They should've left their name. And not a screenname either (unless it's the same screenname they use for IM, email, and all online message boards). How in the world would anyone expect me to figure out who they are based on a screenname I've never seen and a blog title that doesn't match the screenname. Honestly, that's just a bit presumptuous in my opinion. Do people assume that they are my only friend in the entire world so I should automatically assume that the message came from them? This reminds me of those guys that call and say, "Hey, it's me." Like "me" is enough information to figure out who is dialing my number at 2 a.m. Is it the "me" who spends all day looking in mirror, or the "me" or hasn't called in 3 weeks, or could it be the "me" who's obsessed with those loser NY Knicks, or possibly the "me" with several gunshot wounds? I just can't tell. And it's a bit egotistical to think that you'd be the only "me" with a baritone that calls me up at ungodly hours. So then I've gotta play the guessing game and God forbid I guess wrong. Cause that always leads to "who else calls you at this hour?" And that's a conversation neither one of us wants to have. Equally annoying are those folks who decide to forgoe the screenname they've chatted with for the past 5 years and IM you with one you've never seen before and assume you'll accept a message from 10inchstud05. Then they want to IM you from their old screenname all mad that you rejected the first message. Well Dipshit, how was I supposed to know it's you. There was nothing in that screenname that even remotely described you so I'd rather reject the message than take my chances at getting a web invite to see Stud Man having all sorts of inapporpriate fun with farm animals. I may be a freak, but I ain't that freaky.
Oh, but I digress! I thought it was common knowledge that if you leave someone a message, you should let them know from whom the message came. Why do you think every answering machine across the country asks for your name in addition to whatever message you want to leave? Let me give you a hint, because most people are not anti social freaks and have more than one person in their lives. Same principle applies to my blog. If you're leaving me a message don't expect me to know who you are. Everyone sounds the same when printed in Times New Roman. So get over yourself and realize that you are not THAT special and leave a freaking name next time. Thanks much.


rozm!chelle said...

LOL! i swear your blogs are the reason i smile at least once a day! and u inspired me to start my blog too, let's not forget! clap for this one. i like, i like a lot 8)

JLANE said...

I can't believe you didn't recognize me..that's crazy it's not like my blog is in Arabic and it's not like my comment didn't have part of my name in it... I even referenced the bruhs in the profile!! that that's my sh!t!!!
Ohh thanks for the shout out on "Cosmic Joke"

xoxo + a smack on the ass.