Saturday, July 23, 2005


I went to the movies last night. Originally I wanted to see The Wedding Crashers, since it had just come out this weekend, but changed my mind and decided to see Crash. If you haven't seen this movie yet, run, don't walk to your nearest cineplex and go see this! It's such a great movie. I swear this movie says everything you've always thought but were just too afraid to say. It exposed so many stereotypes and the hard truths behind them. The cast is amazing and I swear you will be on the edge of your seat for most of the film. If this movie and its cast don't win Oscars next year, the system is rigged. Matt Dillon was infuriating yet heartbreaking as a racist cop who cares for his sick father. Terrence Howard was riveting in his role as an Uncle Tom TV producer, complete with conked hair and everything. Note to Terrence: cut that perm out your head immediately!! Even Sandra Bullock was great as the bitchy wife of District Attorney Brendan Fraser. The only problem I had with this movie was that I had to pee within the first 15 minutes and I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom cause I was afraid I would miss something. You don't know how hard it is to "hold it" for an hour and 35 minutes. NOT fun!

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Anonymous said...

Did you cry? I cried when I thought the little mexican girl got shot. I was a mess. :o( GREAT movie though!!