Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too Through

I have yet to apply to any schools, but I'm so done with b-school. I'm done with MBA Fairs, school information sessions, diversity weekends, resumes, essays, recommendations, EVERYTHING. Every MBA panel I've heard always says the same thing: "Enjoy this journey."
Well, if you want my opinion, this journey is nucking futs and there's really nothing enjoyable about it. There's nothing enjoyable about having to give my "Why MBA" pitch whenever I just want some information about what a current student likes about their school. There's nothing fun about wild swings from self assurance that you just might get in everywhere to paranoia that you won't get in anywhere. There's not a damn thing enjoyable about standing on line in 3-4 inch heels waiting for the freakin college senior in front of you to run out of ways to ask an admissions officer, "So what are my chances of getting in?" And most of all, writing essays sucks!! Screw the platitudes about being grateful for all the introspection. Introspection can kiss my ass when it won't fit in 600 words.
Why an MBA? Why now? You want the truth? Here it is! I've been sick of my job for years and I wanna do something new. But I've been doing my job for so damn long no one thinks I can do anything else. So now I need three letters to prove to employers that I can basically do what I've been doing for 9 years for their really special company. Oh and that they should pay me (very) well for it. And I wanna do it now, because I need a freaking break from working and reverting back to my collegiate years is looking better by the day. There you have it!
As I look at the upcoming months I don't know how I'm even going to find the time to even breathe. There will be school visits, diversity weekends, applications, recommender prep, information sessions (most of them in NYC in the middle of the work week...FML), and maybe a GMAT retake (yeah, I'm still on that). Oh and on top of all of that I still need to find the time to do my job so I can stay employed (and keep my boss happy to get that glowing reco), because for some reason it's best to not get fired during the application process.
Applying to business school has taken over my life and I'm not okay with this coup. So enough I say! Enough with the barrage of emails informing me that the MBA Tour is coming to town. Enough with the mailings from schools I'm NOT going to apply to. Enough racking my brain to remember a time I was innovative. Enough of the ridiculous cast of characters I've encountered on the Road to MBA (that's another post for another day). I'm too through with all of this.
Now please excuse me. I have to finish writing a career goals essay.

(Shit, damn piss, shit, damn, piss, shit, damn, piss...)


vorenus said...

Awesome read! I still have time to get on-board this kiss-my-ass journey, but damn I can feel exactly the jitters, that this writing has brought out spot on !
And yeah, Good luck ! :)

Anonymous said...

You captured the rage of the process. It is terrible, insufferable, and annoying. I went to so many fairs last year and now I'm doing it again. The one thing i can say, now I know who I am and what I want, it becomes a lot easier and more natural. You are in the information stage where you question everything. Its terrible. You have a 710 and want to retake? Why?

Anonymous said...

Your posts bring back memories of the time when I was applying last year. It was really hectic and stressful but in the end I think it was all very well worth it. One advise I have though is don't stress too much test scores and grades. If you hit the school's range then you are fine. You are not going to distinguish yourself base on test scores. Just keep in mind the key reason for the application is to distinguish yourself from other. Best of luck to you.

blo.brian said...


I am waiting to hear back from Kellogg and found myself digging through forums reading through the hectic ordeal that others had with their applications.

I found myself talking about applications and schools nonstop. Every aspect of my life was pervaded with business school applications. Why X, Why MBA, Why now. Describe your leadership. tell you why you're awesome.

After I dropped in my apps, I sat on my couch and watched mindless TV for a whole weekend like a hermit. I did not want to think.