Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I'm Alive...and Moving

It's been some years since I've written a post for this blog. I often forget that it exists...that is until I get an email from a prospective MBA student. It's nice to know that more than half a decade after I embarked on my journey to business school that others are still reading all of my neuroses as they forge their own path to an MBA.

Alas this chapter of my life closed when I graduated from Chicago Booth in June of 2014. Since then I stayed in Chicago, found a job doing exactly what I wrote about in my essays, and quit that job after 7 months to go back to doing what I did before business school. Now I'm getting ready for another career transition. I've also started a new blog to capture that journey. Come on over to my new site Open Mouths Get Fed to read my musings on the money part of adulting. Get an idea of what life looks like after the MBA.