Friday, December 28, 2012

What's Fit Got to Do With It?

Now that the dust has mostly cleared from Round 1 applications there are some very happy recent admits amongst us.  Congratulations to all of you once again.  For some people December brought multiple admissions offers.  Remember being worried that not even one school would say yes? I definitely do, so it feels amazing when two, or three, or even four or more schools see just how awesome you are.  It's also just nice to feel wanted.  I encourage you to bask in your achievements for a while.  However, all good things must come to an end and when it's all said and done you can only enroll in one school. So which one is gonna be?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well Done

Greetings from Telluride! The sun is out, the snow is fresh, and a day of skiing awaits.  Alas, I am not posting to regale you with tales from Booth's annual ski trip (at least not yet anyways).  Today's post is dedicated to others.  "Who?" you ask.  None other than some very special Round 1 admits.

Congratulations to three of my favorite GMAT Clubbers/Class of 2015 applicants!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3..

It's all over.  As of 11:00 a.m. today my first quarter at Chicago Booth has come to an end.  I finished my last final exam this morning and will never again have to understand what a z-score is or how much a government subsidy will need to be in order to incentivize a monopolist to lower their price.  Now that finals are over I can finally do all of the things that I have neglected to do for over a week, such as write cover letters for internship applications, working out, preparing the marketing campaign for a startup I'm working on, sleeping, doing my hair*.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Think First, Ask Never

Last February I wrote a post venting my frustration at some of the posters on MBA forums (check out Etiquette 101).  While some people agreed with my assessment there were others who didn't take to kindly to my words.  Meh, oh well. You can't please everyone.  Alas, I am once again feeling the need to offer some candid advice to this year's crop of applicants (and actually applicants in perpetuity).  However, in the name of personal growth I am going to try my best to avoid name calling and keep the curse words to a minimum.

Friday, November 09, 2012

The Life and Times

It's almost 10 p.m. and I am still on campus.  I am holed up in a study room with three of my classmates working on our presentation for a case competition.  Tomorrow afternoon I have a midterm for which I have yet to study.  In the words of the Beastie Boys, there will be "no sleep til Brooklyn!" I don't even know what that means (no one knows what it means but it's gets the people going!), but I know I won't be seeing my queen size bed anytime soon.

This week has been a killer. I'm smack in the middle of midterms, and am once again way over committed.  Oh, wait!! I just found someone to replace me in an admissions info session I was supposed to do yesterday.  Yay! That's 1 hour of my day I get to reallocate.  I know that I sound whiny, but I'm not necessarily complaining (well I am complaining about midterms, but I haven't figured out how to get them banned yet).  I wanted to do this case competition and thus far I'm enjoying the work.  Actually, I'm more so enjoying working with my teammates.  I think we've come up with a really good solution.  We all come from different professional backgrounds and it's pretty cool to see that diversity in action.  I was able to contribute a pretty solid retail plan.  Our finance guy is figuring out the NPV of our investment.  The hedge fund lady is making sure all of the numbers are tight and our engineer is all over the nuances and numbers behind the market research. I'm looking forward to presenting all of our findings this weekend.  Even more than that I'm looking forward to getting some sleep afterward.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Weekend is Brought to You by the #2

I am not a morning person.  It's not that I won't wake up early.  Years of working have permanently reset my internal clock to awaken before 8 a.m.  However, just because I'm awake that doesn't mean I am functional.  8:30 a.m. classes do not agree with me, and I tend to take advantage of any day that I can laze in bed til noon.  Saturdays are supposed to be that day, but this past weekend it was not meant to be.  Self selection and the nomination of my peers had me representing my cohort in the annual Leadership Challenge.  Leadership Challenge is part of Booth's LEAD program.  It is an all day case competition judged by distinguished Booth alums.  More importantly, Leadership Challenge is an inter cohort competition with points, bragging rights, and cash prizes up for grabs.  So of course I want my team to win. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

 “I’m drowning,” I replied to his inquiry about how things are going. 
He looked at me, his expression neutral, then shrugged. "You ain't drowned."
Not quite the response I was expecting.  For over a week I had been functioning on minimal sleep and time.  My days were filled with 3 hour long classes, study group sessions, club presentations, training sessions, and forced networking.  I was exhausted and overwhelmed and staring down an additional eight hours in a day that already had the first eight in the bag. I thought I would find a moment of solace from the sympathetic ear of a second year MBA.  Not so much. But upon second thought maybe his words weren't really dismissive, but rather encouragement.  Was he telling me that struggling against an undertow is still better than being on the bottom of the ocean?  Right now I am not so sure.

Monday, October 08, 2012

One Sixth

"Let's get a black woman's opinion on this issue.  Are there any black women in the room?" The facilitator scanned the room for a target.  Immediately, I averted my eyes and fixated on the lint on my sweater.  Maybe no one would notice me in the far corner.
"Here's one!" the assistant announced, striding toward me with a microphone in her hand. 
I should have known I wasn't going to blend in, because even in the middle of a diversity session with nearly 300 classmates I was still the only person in the room who looks like me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fill in the Blanks's the weekend.  A time for relaxing, sleeping in, eating elaborate breakfasts, and doing a whole lot of nothing.  Unless, of course, you're applying to business school in Round 1.  If you're an applicant then a September weekend means essay writing.  Last year at this time I was trying to get my Kellogg career goals essay down to 600 words from an original draft of 1400.  Calling that process arduous would be an understatement.  From my observation of friends' applications and MBA forums it appears that this year's crop of R1 applicants to Chicago Booth are going through an ordeal of their own: the infamous Power Point.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Leadership Training

How does an elite business school mold tomorrow's captains of industry? By dressing them in matching t-shirts, loading them onto a dozen buses, and shipping them 2 hours north to Lake Geneva, WI for two and a half days of outdoor activities, team building exercises, and cohort competitions. Thanks to Chicago Booth I pretty much relived my days at Camp Is-Sho-Da Girl Scout camp, albeit in a co-ed setting with better accommodations and four drink tickets.  This excursion known as Leadership Orientation Retreat (or LOR as Boothies call it) is the kickoff to Booth's only required course, LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development), the six-week class designed to help students develop our leadership style by giving us a deep and accurate view of our strengths and development needs.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Take Two

I started today by making omelets.  3 egg whites, 2 full eggs, turkey sausage, sauteed spinach with diced onions, and a sprinkling of feta cheese.  A hearty yet nutritious breakfast intended to take me from late morning through mid afternoon.  I took care in choosing what to wear for the day, something chic yet casual (lest I look to be trying too hard).  I forewent makeup but styled my hair. At my roommate's request I emerged from my room, dressed and ready to go, in less than 10 minutes.  We walked the three short blocks to the train at a quick pace, hurrying not to miss the soon arriving train.  We hit the platform as the outbound cars pulled into the station.  Stepping onto the train I looked to my right, searching for a seat. Instead, I saw a familiar face.  Walking over to greet my friend I saw another person I know, then another and another.  It suddenly dawned on me that in that train car I was surrounded by classmates.  As one guy offered me his seat he said, "Aww look! You brought a lunch box."  I smiled and replied, "Well it is the first day of school."

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Necessary Evils

22 hours.  That's how long it took me to get from downtown Philadelphia to downtown Chicago.  According to the pushy GPS lady who lives in my Blackberry (don't judge me; I'm waiting for the new iPhone), Chicago is a 12+ hour drive from Philadelphia.  I had scheduled a 9a.m. move-in for Sunday so I left Philly before 8 a.m. on Saturday to give myself plenty of time for rest stops, fuel ups, detours, and car naps.  I got to my apartment building nearly three hours early.  Unfortunately, my movers arrived nearly one hour late.  Fast forward 5 hours and my life looks something like this:

Saturday, August 04, 2012

On the Road Again

It's early. Very early. Even when I had a job I was never awake at this hour, but today I have to not only be awake I also have to function.  It's moving day and I have "miles to go before I sleep."

Chicago is about a 13 hour drive from Philadelphia.  Yesterday I loaded up my car, left my summer residence (casa de mami y papi), and drove four hours to Philadelphia to unburden myself of the storage locker that has not only taken a $200 bite out of my bank account every month but also held all of my furniture and 95% of my belongings since May.  It took 3 hours for my movers to transfer everything from my 10X10X8 garage and transfer it onto the 26ft moving truck that I am sharing with one of my Booth classmates.  Let the hauling begin.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


This blog is growing cobwebs and housing tumbleweeds.  I didn't get the chance (i.e. was too lazy) to write an entry after my birthday and before departing on a 12 day European vacation. I am currently in Vienna, Austria and having a ball.  Somewhere between Rome and the night train to Vienna I learned that I have an uncanny attraction to French men who smell of booze, coffee, and cigarettes. It's an intoxicating scent.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where FOMO Leads

Today is my birthday.  Although I do have dinner plans with friends this evening to celebrate, thus far I've spent most of the day in Chicago's O'hare airport.  Why am I not on a beach on this gorgeous sunny day that commemorates my entrance to the world?  Because I am returning home after spending three days in Chicago at the MBA Jumpstart Diversity Forum for Financial Services and Consulting.  What is MBA Jumpstart?  JumpStart MBA Diversity Forum is an intensive two and a half day program that educates participants on both the financial services and consulting industries.  "But Cheet, why would you attend Jumpstart when you're not interested in either financial services or consulting?" you ask.  I asked myself the same question several times over the last couple of days, but I did have my reasons.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Ask and You May Receive

 Now that I'm on the other side of the application process my friends (and total strangers too) who are targeting Fall 2012 applications often ask me for advice on all things b-school.  I received a ton of support, encouragement, and words of wisdom when I was applying so I think it's only fair that I take everything that I learned and pay it forward to this year's applicants.  It's July now, so by this time last year I was past the GMAT (yet contemplating a retake), waiting for updated essay questions, and fretting about recommendations.  I knew that asking for recommendations sooner was better than asking later.  I had already asked my former indirect manager, but I held off broaching the subject to my direct manager.  It turns out all of that trepidation was for naught.  She was happy to do it and even encouraged me to go all out in my pursuit of a full-time program.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Training

I have a confession.  I am nervous about business school.  It’s been over a decade since I’ve been a student.  Thanks to the GMAT studying isn’t the distant memory it once was.  However, studying for one exam doesn’t compare to managing a full course load, especially when that course load is focused on the subjects that gave me fits in undergrad.  I have a healthy fear of stats and economics, fueled by complete disinterest and my brain’s inability to make sense of concepts like marginal revenue=price and correlation coefficients.  Whether I like it or not the only way to an MBA is through these subjects.  Since I am spending my summer happily unemployed, I figured it would be a good idea to face my fears head on and get reacquainted with stats and econ and introduced to case studies and Excel modeling before school starts in September.  Enter Manhattan GMAT Pre MBA bootcamp.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great Expectations

I’m not one for writing in series.  Save for a few exceptions each entry in this blog is self-contained.  Last week an email from a friend tipped me off that I may have unintentionally created a “Pedigree” series about business school admissions and MBA programs.  I never intended to do this, but I guess the many facets of this topic have been on my mind.   If you count Money Over Everything as Part1, The Real World as Part 2, and False Alarm as Part 3, then I guess this one is Part 4.

The other day I was chatting with a friend who plans to apply to business school in the next two years.  He wants to wait a little longer so he can get a new job and knock out the GMAT.  I suggested that he could apply to school sooner than he thinks because his work experience, while non traditional, is definitely relevant and he’s had some really good achievements at work.  Will a new job at a more recognized firm help his candidacy? Sure, but he’s still in the ballpark for getting into a top 15 school from his current employer.  When I suggested he apply to Johnson he replied, “I work at a no name employer and have a lower GPA from a no name school.  I have to go to a top school to get the job I want.”  I paused for a second, surprised by what he’d said.  “But Johnson is a top school,” I replied.  In that moment it suddenly dawned on me that we had gotten caught in the MBA matrix.

Friday, June 15, 2012


From the week before Memorial Day to the week before Labor Day my company operates on summer hours, which means HALF DAY FRIDAYS!!! Today I left work at noon just like I would on any other half day Friday. However, this Friday is different.  Unlike before, I will not be going back to work on Monday.  I won't be  going back on Tuesday or any other day.  This half day Friday was my last one with the company I have been with since I graduated college in 2002. I turned in my company car, handed over my laptop, and left my office keys on the desk.  I am officially done.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

False Alarm

"Whew. Longtime reader here. I agree with you, but I definitely have a crazy different background than anyone I've met and Kellog, Tuck and Duke all admitted me this year (headed to Kellogg in the fall). I actually think you're generalizing everyone into one of two camps - blue chip and other - instead of the three camps that really exist. Sure "blue chip" is the largest group, but for aspiring applicants, "other" should be divided as "boring" and "exciting". Seriously! I have a little bit of a blue chip background (2 out of 6 years) but the other 4 years have been crazy exciting with startups that no one's heard of and enough stories to write a tell-all about the tech/entertainment industry. If someone's applying without blue chip experience, I say go for it as long as it's exciting/different/scandalous... and to be honest, it's us different ones who make bschool fun for the rest of ya'll squares."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Real World

"We're going to start things off with a little ice breaker," the section leader said to us.  I sat in a classroom with 69 other newly admitted MBA applicants and prepared myself for the ritual I now knew by heart.  We would state our name, where we went to school, our current line of work, and one fun fact that could hopefully elicit a chuckle from the crowd.  We started on the opposite side of the room and I listened as one by one my potential classmates gave the condensed version of the last 7-10 years of their lives.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Ones that Got Away

At 5:00 p.m. yesterday I transferred $1,000 from my savings to my checking and paid the second tuition deposit at Chicago Booth.  If it wasn't already settled before, it definitely is now.  I am attending Booth in the fall.  I have already dived into being a Boothie.  I found a great roommate who also has an aversion to community laundry facilities; started three Booth class of 2014 fantasy football leagues; and worn my complimentary Booth t-shirts all over town (an alum even stopped his car to chat with me for a sec when he saw me sporting the maroon).  Best of all I am Random Walking to Fiji in August with The Keychain (mpg2011 from GMAT Club) and a dozen other Boothies.  However, in the midst of all the excitement and anticipation there are times when I find myself wandering over to Wharton's class of 2014 Facebook page or logging onto the Kellogg admitted students' website.  Sometimes in the quiet moments between all of the Booth hoopla I wonder what if I had chosen differently.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Time on My Hands...

I had it all planned out. Before I was even accepted into an MBA program I knew that I would be taking the summer off prior to starting classes in the fall.  After working for nearly a decade and not really having a summer vacation since 1998 (summer before freshman year of college), I felt that I was due for two months of sleeping til noon, lazing around the house, traveling abroad for weeks on end, and living rent free at my parents' house while depleting the contents of their fridge.  I had been saving for over a year so I figured I could afford to blow my annual bonus on trips and the minimal living expenses of a cell phone bill and Netflix account, thus reserving my cash reserves for the school year.  My plan was foolproof.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Regression Models

I was struggling.  As everyone around me carried on non-stop conversation I fought to keep my eyes open and my head from falling into the plate of eggs and French toast in front of me.  I tried to engage with the woman sitting next to me, asking questions in the hopes of invigorating my mind for a few more minutes.  The effort was painful.  My body physically ached for sleep.  Alas, my love of free food had led me to abandon the rest I desperately needed and now politeness anchored me to my seat for at least another ten minutes.  I doubted I would make it that long.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Money Over Everything?

In the last few weeks at least half a dozen threads have popped up on the MBA forums with different variations of the same theme.  School X vs School Y.  Having been in this predicament myself I find myself drawn to these threads.  They are particularly interesting when School X is ranked higher than School Y, but School Y is offering money while School X is offering less or none. These threads inevitably come down to the "age old" question of rank vs. money.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just Do It...Again

I am psyching myself up.  I am finding my motivation.  I am getting my mind right.  Friends, I am going back into essay writing mode.  Too soon? Yeah, that's what I thought too.  Then I looked at Booth's (under)estimated student budget and realized that scholarship money does not make the cost of a full-time MBA affordable, it simply makes it less unaffordable.  Even though my tuition is taken care of I still need to pay for books ($2,100), random fees (~$2,400), health insurance (~$2,400), transportation (~$1,300), a place to live (~13,500), food to eat (~$5400), and personal expenses ($3,000).  That is roughly $30,000 of expenses and I haven't even factored in the cost of moving to Chicago or a security deposit.  Add in a Random Walk, the ski trip, and a trek or two and the price tag can rise to nearly $50,000.  While I do have a good amount of money saved it's not enough to cover everything and I am not too keen on blowing away my savings anyways.  The back of the envelope budgetary calculations have left me with the sobering reality that in spite of Booth's generous award I could end up with nearly $100,000 of debt.  No bueno.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Final Answer

For the last month I have been going back and forth with myself about where to attend school. I've talked a ton of people to death about why I wanted to go to Wharton, Kellogg, and Booth.  I attended admitted students weekends and admit get togethers.  I weighed every pro and con I could think of.  I leaned toward Wharton only to lean toward Kellogg or Booth the very next day.  Finally, last night I did the one thing I haven't done since getting admitted.  I prayed.  I will be the first to admit that I've been quite lax about practicing my faith recently.  But when push came to shove, I went back to the one constant that has yet to fail me. I prayed for clarity. I prayed that I would have peace about whatever decision I made.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Matters Most

I'm struggling.  I have spent my entire day talking about where I will go to school in the fall.  I got a call from two Booth admits I met at ASW last weekend (one of whom is none other than Dee123 from GMAT Club).  Their mission: to convince me to single handedly increase Booth's black female population by 30% by agreeing to attend.  Up next was a marathon texting session with my homie Motown, who is also choosing between Kellogg and Wharton.  That conversation segued into an hour long phone call with her friend from MLT who had already chosen to enroll at Booth this fall.  After talking to him I called Motown and after speaking with her I chatted with the GMATClub crew.  I G-chatted with the Senator and got some advice from Chesty LaRue.  I spoke with Eddie in Booth's admissions office and some lady in career services whose name I can't remember.  To cap off all of this communication I'm currently texting back and forth with my girl, mbalady.  Everyone has an opinion on what I should do; everyone, that is, except for me.  I'm just as lost as I ever was.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If The School Fits

I keep getting the same two questions over and over again.  "Have you chosen a school yet?"and it's close cousin, "What's your first choice?"  My answers are always the same. "Nope, I haven't chosen yet," and "I don't have a first choice." I'm starting to think that the latter answer explains the former.

Months ago I blogged about throwing my hat in the ring for Round 2 after being admitted to Kellogg Round 1.  I reasoned that it wasn't because I wanted to go to other schools more than Kellogg, I simply wanted to go to these schools as much as I wanted to go to Kellogg.  Well, the dust from Round 2 has cleared and like I hoped I have options.  Feelings of happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy have quickly transitioned to an overwhelming sense of dread at actually having to make a choice.  I have three great schools in front of me so as everyone tells me I "can't go wrong." But what if I do choose the wrong school for me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching Up

The last time I updated this blog I was smack in the middle of Round 2.  I had completed my Booth interview, had just received an interview invite from Wharton, and was patiently waiting for the Stanny goat to eat my application (I shall explain shortly). The end of March and the admissions decisions it would bring seemed like a distant future that would never arrive.  Alas, the world did not come to an end.  Late March did arrive (and has since passed) and I've posted nary a word about how everything has panned out thus far.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Are You For Real

In his ubiquitous hit song, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," Marvin Gaye sang, "Believe maybe half of what you see and some to none of what you hear."  I think this lyric should be modified for MBA applicants who frequent b-school forums.  "Believe maybe half of what you see and some to none of what you read."  I've been an active participant on the GMAT Club forums for almost a year and if the site is representative of the applicant pool then I guess 90% of applicants have 740+ GMAT scores, 3.7 GPAs from top 10 schools, and all have stellar work experience.  It's easy to feel intimidated by the number of outstanding competition.  However, I'm starting to think that maybe some of those scary good competitors are of the boogie man under your bed variety.  They do not really exist.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out of my Misery

I'll confess. I was getting worried.  Three weeks of invites had passed and my mailbox was conspicuously empty.  Well not empty, just lacking the right email: the invitation to interview at Wharton. According to GMAT Club, in the first two waves of invitations the only people to report receiving them were international and Lauder applicants.  In the third week the love got spread to the domestic applicants, but none toward me.  Although I felt that my Wharton application was my best one I still worried about getting an invite.  The applicant pool is ridiculously competitive and I know that there are people with better stats applying.  Seeing other people get their invites while I didn't reinforced these thoughts.  I know, I know, I know....I always say that being in the 1st wave (albeit domestic wave) isn't a big deal.  But I will admit that it's nice to be put out of your misery sooner rather than later.  Intellectually I knew that there was still plenty of time to receive the invite, but I will admit that my internal crazy did tick up a notch or two (maybe from a 2 to a 4).  I confided my worries to a few close friends and put on my best optimistic facade for everyone else.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Etiquette 101

It is no secret that I like to participate in online MBA forums.  GMAT Club is my favorite.  I think that these sites are great resources for finding information on everything from essays to interview questions.  I've even met some very cool people from the site with whom I am excited to potentially attend school.  But lately, GMAT Club has been getting on my last nerve.  Correction, some GMAT Club members have become as grating as nails on a chalk board.  After finding so much useful information from other posters I have done my best to pay it forward, answering questions about Kellogg's admissions process, giving advice on post-interview thank you notes, and sending words of encouragement to nervous posters.  However, in the last month or so my posts have taken a turn toward the bitchy.  Why? Has the pressure of R2 gotten to me, causing me to lash out at poor, unsuspecting posters?  Hmmm...not so much.  See the problem is not me, it's THEM.  Maybe I didn't see it in R1, but R2 has brought forth some of the least self-aware, most obnoxious personalities I've encountered online.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stay Tuned

I've been wanting to update my blog for the last few weeks but have been uber busy.  There's a ton I want to get into, like my Booth interview, waiting on Wharton and Stanford invites, Day At Kellogg, and the craziness that is MBA forums.  I've been swamped with work and other stuff so I haven't had the time to sit down and write a proper entry.  Oh and I'll be working on a joint blog post with my good friend The Senator from GMAT Club.

I promise I will come back soon to share all of the details about DAK, Booth, and life very shortly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Off to the Races

Let the speculation cease.  Since January 4 at  5:00 PM CST applicants to U of Chicago's Booth School of Business have been wondering when interview invitations would start.  An email sent to a limited number of applicants announced that invites would start on February 25, 2012.  The only problem with that info is that the mid decision deadline by which ALL interview invites (and outright rejections) would be announced is February 15, 2012.  Obviously, Feb. 25 is a typo.  But what's the real date?  Let the GMAT Club forums be set ablaze with theories.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


To my sorority sister who told me that the Cowboys would beat the Giants in the regular season finale, I say, "SUCK IT!!'

To that Cowboys fan on facebook who said, "Good luck. U get the honor of losing in the first round," I say to you, "KISS KEVIN BOOTHE'S GIANT ASS!"

To falcondevil on I say, "Two points? Really?! I'd respect your Falcons more if they'd simply goose egged."

To any and everyone who said the Packers would beat the Giants I say, "Your defense and O-Line are TRASH!! You Roger those SACKS Aaron?"

To my 2010, 2008, and 2003 neos who were talking all that shit about the 9ers knocking out my Giants I say, "The Giants shoved that candlestick up your ass!"

To Pats fans I say, "Ya'll don't want NONE of the GIANTS!  18-1, BITCHES!"


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Am I Invited Too?

I have not worked on a b-school application in over a week.  Although I am finished with applications I am a long way from through with the application process.  I now await my fate with three schools: Wharton, Booth, and Stanford (California, you must be dreaming!).  Waiting on these schools is different than waiting on Kellogg because Kellogg allows applicants to initiate their interviews, but this second crop of schools handles this part much differently.  They have a don't call us, we'll call you policy.  So now I get to experience the b-school ritual of stressing over interview invites.  Yay for me! (?)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have a confession.  Two years ago I don't think that I was aware that the consulting industry existed.  MBB could have stood for Making Butts Bounce for all I knew.  I remember classmates in undergrad who recruited for Deloitte but for some reason I always thought they were going to do something related to finance or accounting.  I did not know that there were companies devoted to giving other companies advice (and pretty power point decks).  I learned about this wonderful world of frequent flyer miles, black suits, and power point prowess when I embarked upon the b-school path.  I briefly considered it as a potential post MBA career but immediately let the idea go upon hearing about the hours consultants worked.  I'm not built for 70-90 hour work weeks.  Once introduced to consulting I soon learned that there's a consultant for everything.  And when talking MBA there is none more prevalent than the admissions consultant.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to Life

On Wednesday January 11, 2012 at 7:42 PM EST I submitted the last business school application I will ever complete! Cue the "Hallelujah" music and release the doves! As God is my witness, I will never apply to b-school again!

Dramatic? Yes. Justified? Hell freaking yeah! As I come out of the fog that was application season, I realize that I have been at this MBA game in some way, shape, or form since January 2011 (actually August 2010, but not in earnest).  Hmm...let's see. It's January 2012 now, so that would be one full year of my life dedicated to getting my arse into school.  One year of GMAT studying, school research, essay writing, recommender prep, school visits, avoiding essays with hours of Bejeweled, and countless hours of worrying about NOT getting in.  Damn, that's a shitty way to spend an entire year.  Don't get me wrong, I am so glad that it all resulted in an admit (and hopefully a couple more), but on the real, I miss my life!  Like, my actual life.  I know this may be hard to believe because all I've talked about for the last year is applying to business school, but there is so much more to me than the pursuit of an MBA.  Not for nothing, but I am a kick ass chick and I really haven't kicked ass the way I like to kick ass all year.