This blog has been an evolution.  I started the Brain Dump in 2005 because I wanted to share my thoughts on pop culture and life. At first I was simply writing for myself and a few close friends who kept up with my musings, but within a few months strangers started joining the party.   As my posts became more personal and the writing more involved my audience grew.  I began to think I should leave my life as a salesperson for a Fortune 500 company and become a full-time writer.

In 2006 I applied to five Masters of Fine Arts programs for creative writing.  By spring of 2007 I had been rejected from every school.  Defeated and  demoralized, I stopped writing regularly and let the blog fade into oblivion.  The Brain Dump was nothing more than a memory until summer 2011.  After years of insisting that I would never go to business school, I found myself gearing up to apply to several top MBA programs.  The application were daunting and I felt unsure of my ability to write compelling essays.  That unease led me to remember a time when writing was like breathing for me.  I logged onto blogger and updated the Brain Dump for the first time in four years.

The Prodigal Daughter was the start of this blog's resurrection.  In its newest incarnation The Brain Dump now follows me as I navigate the road to an MBA.  It chronicles my journey through applications, interviews, acceptances, and the full-time MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Who knows where it will all lead but I welcome you to follow along and find out with me.

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