Monday, June 12, 2006

21 Questions.....or Something Like That

You had questions, and I have the answers.

Q. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
A. Who thinks about stuff like that? Honestly! Can you name one person who sits around and ponders what life would be like as a tree? No? I didn't think so. But if I have to answer I guess I would be an apple tree. I like the idea of having a self made supply of food.

Q. How do you know how many readers you have?
A. I check sitemeter every 80 seconds to track visits. It tells me how many people are on, where they are located (or the location of the IP), how many pages they view, where they linked from (or if they linked to my site at all....some of you have the url memorized. good shit!). It's free and mildly addicting.

Q. If you could have a dinner party and invite 5 people dead or alive who would it be?
A. First, I probably will never have a dinner party. That requires cleaning the house. I've tried it before and it never really works. Plus that's a lot of cooking and I'm too cheap for catering. But just for shits and giggles, let's say I did have a dinner party. I'd invite Jesus Christ (cause I want to hear exactly what he expects right from the horses mouth); Jay-Z (can't have a dinner party and not invite my husband); my paternal grandfather (he died before I was born, so I want to say wassup and ask him why he had 5 baby's mamas); my childhood friend Aimee (so we could catch up again); Notorious B.I.G. (I'll always love Big Poppa).

Q. Did you study writing? What are your inspirations? When do you write? And what kind of writing do you most enjoy?
A. Umm, Sober, that's more than one question. But since you're my internet doppleganger, it's all good. Okay, so my college major was Policy Analysis and Management. I don't know what it is, or what it means, or what type of job it correlates to. I do know that the major only requires 1 basic math class and 2 remedial science classes. Perfect for me. I hated writing papers in college and pretty much thought writing was a drag. Usually, my best grades were on papers (even papers written 2 hours before the deadline). When I was a kid, I loved to write. I even founded a school newspaper in 4th grade (which turned into a political bloodbath by 5th grade...long story). I took creative writing classes in high school. But by college I completely forgot that I enjoyed this stuff. Decided I wanted to be a lawyer, then changed my mind and decided that business was my path in life. It took writing this blog to remind me of my 1st love. So that's the long and short of did I study writing. I guess I could've just said, "No!" As for my inspirations, well that comes from everywhere. Sometimes it's something someone says, other times it's a song, and there are times when it's something I read. Basically an idea pops into my head and plants itself as a seed. Sometimes it sprouts, sometimes it wilts. Inspiration strikes at the most inopportune time, which brings me to your next question. When do I write? All the damn time. Most of my writing occurs in my head. It sucks because I'll be writing brilliant paragraphs in my head, with no paper or pen in sight to preserve it. Then when I finally get a chance to write it out I remember the general idea, but not the specific words, and it irks the hell out of me. I started carrying a journal and pen with me a lot, so I can record my thoughts as soon as they come.
Personal essays are my favorite things to write. That's why I love to blog so much. I don't have anyone telling me what topics I have to cover. Since I'm my favorite subject, I get to speak at will. Running a close second to the personal essay would be satire. Fiction is cool, it just takes a lot of creativity and effort to write a compelling story. My attention span is really short, so it's difficult for me to complete an entire piece of fiction. But I'm working on it.

Q. Shorty, how'd you get so fly?
A. I was born this fly! Plus, I think the fro just adds to the flyness!

Q. Why Chesty Larue? Why not Busty Lebouffe or Betty Boobies...or just my Dominican Diva from the Bronx!? Why even reference my mammary glands? As if they don't get enough abuse from perverted men, jealous flat-chested females and random passers-by? But you???
A. Chesty, I have a question for you. Would you prefer that I use your government so your exploits can be known to the world. Or do you like the protection of anonymity your alias has given you? Hmmm, what was that? You don't want your cover blown? Then quit all your whining and suck it up! Chesty LaRue is a beautiful name. Makes you sound foreign and exotic (which you are). I don't hear Flatty Girl or Jailbait complaining about their names.

Q. What song best represents your life? (Your theme song or songs) Best memory? what do you hate / love in others? Whats your worst sex moment ever? What do you think would surprise people most about you and have you ever slobbed a stinky nob??
A. Damn you Cece! You OD'd on the questions too. But let's see what I can do. I basically think that damn near every song written speaks to me. I think it has something to do with my complete self absorption. If I had to pick a theme song that really describes my life it would have to Jay-Z's "Where I'm From" (Cough up a lung/Where I'm from/Marcy, son/Ain't nothing nice.) All jokes aside, I've gotta go with a classic. My theme song is "Like a Virgin."
Best memory. That would definitely have to be Minority Hosting Weekend at Vanderbilt University, April 1997. There was this party at "The Black House" and it was packed. I was sitting on the couch next to this fine ass dude. And I remember he looked at me and I looked back at him. Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz was blasting and that was my JAM!! I straddled dude and gave him a lap dance for the next 20 minutes. Damn, I miss high school.
Worst sex moment. You already read about it.
The thing that surprises people most about me is that I'm still a virgin (technically speaking). Chesty LaRue calls me a two bit virgin since I've done almost everything else. Jailbait thinks I'm the world's biggest dick tease. Both of them are entirely correct. About 6 years ago, one guy told me, "Don't take your clothes off if you're not going to have sex." I still haven't learned that lesson. And honestly, I can't remember if I've ever slobbed a stinky nob.

Q. I want to hear your craziest sex stories.
A. I don't have crazy sex stories, but plenty of crazy foreplay. I think the craziest one was the time I was in my basement messing with this guy I was dating while my parents were upstairs. My underwear was around one ankle and I was topless and I heard my mom open the basement door to do a load of laundry. I've never put my clothes on so quick.

Q. How did you get 65 readers??? will you tell me your secret?
A. Shameless pandering and self promotion. I leave my link in my email signature and IM away message. I put it on my myspace page. And I'm loathe to admit this, but I read a lot of other blogs and commented. Then I updated damn near everyday. I had delusions of blogging grandeur. They quickly subsided. Now I write whenever I feel like it (which is still pretty often) and only visit the blogs I truly enjoy (which is still an exorbitant number). I regained my senses and realized blogging is not the means to an end.

Q. Is string theory the ultimate theory of everything?
A. Does string theory have anything to do with tampons?

Q. What famous person (living or not) would you let smack you in the face and you woldn't be mad?
A. I'd let Martin Luther King slap me. I'm sure after all those days in jail and the fire hoses and the police dogs he wanted to slap someone. So I'd let him slap the taste out my mouth, just so he can release some frustration.

Q. Who's your favorite Piston and why?
A. Ben Wallace, because we have matching hair.

Q. I want to know what you makes you happy and what your favorite thing is to do to make someone else happy.
A. Shoes always make me happy. But if you're looking for something not so shallow, I'd say that quality time with loved ones makes me happy. I'd say that my favorite thing to do to make someone else happy is to do something for them that they wouldn't expect. I can be very selfish, so when I do something selfless it's a really big deal for people who know me.

Q. what would you get printed on 'the ultimate' tshirt?
A. Great question. "Don't touch the fro...grow your own"

Q. If there was one thing you could change about your self thats non-physical what would it be and why?
A. Procrastination is a bitch. I would change that for sure. Reasons are obvious.

Q. If you could have any job in the world, any job at all, what would it be and why?
A. MTV VJ. I'd get to live in New York and be paid to act like a damn fool. Plus, I'd have better access to Jay-Z.

Q. If you were a heffa (as in female cow) would you be better equipped to tolerate bullshit???
A. I don't think so.

Q. When you sell your first essay, what are you going to spend the money on?
A. 10% off top goes to my tithe. I'd put another 5% into savings. I might pay a bill or two, but more than likely, I'd buy shoes. Now if I sell my first piece for only 10 bucks, that would definitely limit my shoe choices.

Q. Who are your favorite authors? What are you reading right now? And what are you willing to recommend?
A. I'm a book slut, so I spread the love around to many authors. Hmmm, I went through an Eric Jerome Dickey phase, followed by an E. Lynn Harris moment. I used to love Francine Pascal when I was younger, but I doubt you'd be interested in the Sweet Valley High series. I'd say at the moment Curtis Sittenfeld is one of my faves. Right now I'm reading her 2nd novel, "Man of my Dreams." I recommend her first novel "Prep." EXCELLENT! I'm also working my way through Memoirs of a Geisha. Oh, and I like Dan Brown's books as well. He's an average writer, but he's a damn good storyteller. Ummm, that's about all I can think of at the moment.

In the words of the immortal Porky Pig....That's all folks!


Cece said...

Ok ~ I'm a little embarassed at the fact that you can see how many times I visit this page everyday. Am I the most?? I must come off as a pyseudostalker. But to the important stuff I was soo not expecting the virgin thing. More power to you. Besides who needs sex when you have whorish friends?

The Rev said...

I thought the tree question was fabulous. I'm glad you actually had a reasonable answer.

mollymcmo said...

i love the dinner question, i'm going to ponder that one.

and can i say you are too funny!!!! man were you born that way??!! LMAO!!

i like what you would put on your tshirt, i want that too!!!! cept it might look odd on a white chick with straight hair! LOL!
thanks for great reads :)


Michelle said...

I loved the Sweet Valley High Series. I remember putting my name in at the library for the next 5 books in the set at one time, so I could check them all out at once. I'd even try calling the people who had them currently checked out to see if they were done with them and would mind returning them. Jess & Elizabeth were my heroes back then.

Anonymous said...

Liz, if you remember correctly, I did complain about my name! I am grown now....and you just ain't right. I do like "Chesty" though, that was creative.

Cece, I am a stalker too...don't feel bad. She better remain a virgin, I'll beat her down if she sleeps with one of these losers out here...Lord knows I WISH I would have waited!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

"I can't remember if I've ever slobbed a stinky nob." that's deep

Charles said...

I'm mad you got the IP security down crazy to see who's been on your blog. That's crazy!!! A lil extreme for my taste...but you!

Anonymous said...

Chesty does NOT sound exotic! Those who know or have figured out my identity all laugh and continue to unnecessarily torture me with that slanderous moniker. I hope you're able to pay my therapists' bill for mental anguish and psychological trauma! What you say about me isn't all that bad that I would care to have my anonymity uncovered...but best believe I'd sue the pants off you (or beat you to a bloody pulp) if you didn't get my permission first! =D

Anyway, I want to hear more about this political bloodbath newspaper from 4th/5th grade...what happened? BTW, I think this Q&A idea for a blog was excellent. You're really getting good, great even!

Anonymous said...

I hate on the new Shakira song everytime I hear it because I get pumped up for Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz' joint.

You can thank Orlando for giving you Ben Wallace. They like to give away all the quality players to other teams, who then use their talent to their advantage. Ben is another example of their stupidity.

I'm a little taken back by the virgin thing too, but that's awesome. You can use some of my stories if you'd like. Haha.

Lenny said...

Love the fro

Mahogany Misfit said...

Hey...I'm a book whore to! Been thru the Eric Jerome phase and I'm now in the E. Lynn Harris phase.

Anyway, just came across your blog and wanted to say I'm enjoying it!

Did I mention I'm also a blog "comment whore"?


Liz said...

It was great to read the funny questions and answers. You have a great sense of humor.

Pop Culture Casualty said...

Enjoyed finding out more about you. Especially your literary inspiration... I loved Sweet Valley High.

You remain my blogger hero, and not just because you were brave enough to post multiple photos of yourself in a bikini.

The Stiltwalker said...

Ok this has inspired me to do something like this in the future. People are really creative.

Jodi said...

yes it becomes quite obsessive. I now have a meter...

nikki said...

your creativity knows no bounds. great post!

lmao@crazy sex story. you had balls, sista. hopefully, they weren't in your hands when your parents walked in. LOL

Anonymous said...

My ultimate shirt would say: "Don't touch the booty...grow your own"

Elizabeth Krecker said...

It was Barbara Walters who first asked the tree question in one of her interviews. Maybe it is precisely because no one ponders what kind of tree they would be, that the answer reveals something surprising about the answerer.

Love the apple tree answer!