Monday, November 14, 2011

Sitting by the Phone

I know, I know, I know. I've been remiss with updating the blog. It's not that I haven't wanted to write an update; it's just that I can't quite justify writing a blog update when I should be using the time to write essays. Yep, that's right folks, I am now smack in the middle of applications. In fact I submitted my first application last month. That feeling of relief that supposedly comes with finally completing an application has yet to settle upon me. Instead, all I can feel is obsessive paranoia. See, it's out of my hands now. There's nothing more I can do to convince the admissions committee to let me in. The only thing left to do is wait. Wait and see if they like my GMAT score, optional essay, and recommendations enough to overlook the fact that my undergraduate academic performance was, how shall I say this....eclectic. I just have to wait and see if they actually get my off the beaten path career goals and understand why I need an MBA now (and not 4 years ago). I can only wait and see if they get me and if they do get me if they like me.

You know applying to b-school is like meeting a guy in a bar. You meet (MBA fair), exchange basic yet benign information about each other (info session or campus visit), he gives you encouraging signals (invitation to diversity weekend) and asks for your number (Apply Yourself). So you think, oh yeah! He totally wants me, and you totally give him your number ($250 app fee). Now from everything that's happened thus far you think to yourself, this is a sure thing. But as the minutes turn to hours turn to days and he still hasn't called the doubts start to creep in. Was there something in my teeth? (low GPA/GMAT). Did he hear something bad about me? (negative recommendations). Did my breath smell? (what the hell did I write in my essays?). Was I fatter than the girl sitting next to me? (comparison to total applicant pool). All of these doubts just spin around in your head. With each second the phone doesn't ring they spin faster and faster. You can't call him because you don't have his number (and contacting the admissions office to ask them if they really like you is I heard). So now the fate of this wonderful relationship that could totally exist if he would just freakin call is entirely out of your hands. It's up to him and you've just gotta hope that your flirty banter and that hint of cleavage (essays, recs, interview, etc.) were enough to make him pick up the phone and call.

So basically, that's what I'm going through right now. I promised myself that I would never sit by the phone, waiting for it ring. Like I've said before, promises are meant to be broken. So wonderful school that I've applied to in Round 1, please like me as much as I like you and CALL ME. I'll be waiting.

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hey...congrats for Kellogg. I really need some advice regarding my apps as I am still in the game. Can you please share your email id with me. Mine is