Saturday, July 28, 2012


This blog is growing cobwebs and housing tumbleweeds.  I didn't get the chance (i.e. was too lazy) to write an entry after my birthday and before departing on a 12 day European vacation. I am currently in Vienna, Austria and having a ball.  Somewhere between Rome and the night train to Vienna I learned that I have an uncanny attraction to French men who smell of booze, coffee, and cigarettes. It's an intoxicating scent.

Let's hope I can get through the next 5 days in Europe without absconding with a starving artist named Thibault.  My return to the States is imperative to beginning the transition from unemployed bum to full time MBA student. I move to Chicago the first weekend in August.  There is much to do in preparation: emptying my storage locker, selling stuff that won't fit on the truck, and making sure my car is in shape for the 13 hour drive from Philly to Chicago.

Once I get to Chicago I plan to dive into all of the academic prep I have spent the last two months avoiding.  I need to enroll in Booth's pre MBA accounting class too.  Random Walk to Fiji will take up a week in the middle of the month and there is no shortage of happy hours and house parties to organize. With all that's happening I doubt that August will feel like much of a vacation.

One thing I am definitely looking forward to come September is my loan disbursement. I have been living off of savings and intermittent final checks from my previous employer.  Even without the expense of rent and utilities my funds seem to be depleting faster than they are replenished.  It sucks to watch the bank account I spent over a year building shrink on a weekly basis with no steady income to stanch the bleeding.   Although the funds aren't being disbursed the way I thought they would I am grateful that I had the wherewithal to save up enough to cover all of the mounting expenses.  For those applying this year, if you haven't already done so get on a savings plan now.  The spending doesn't end with the tuition deposit.

Yes I realize that it's a bit ridiculous of me to complain about my levels of brokosity while lounging around Europe for nearly 2 weeks.  But when else in my life will I have over 2 months without any real responsibilities. It would be a waste of a summer if I didn't revel in some amount of frivolity while exploring the world.  Besides, if I hadn't impulsively hopped on a plane over a week ago I never would have known just how magnetic a French accent and cigarettes can be.


mbaover30 said...

LOL @ "brokosity". Enjoy your well-earned vacation. And I will definitely be heeding your advice about saving up. I've had to be much more vigilant about my budget since I joined the ranks of non-commission earners a little less than a year ago. TTYS.

Alison said...

Very well-timed advice! I have a plan to really pad my savings account this year (it involved moving from my beloved Brooklyn to the less-than-charming Queens), but it is good to remember how important this stash will be. I am also making sure to set aside a little extra for my own European adventure.

And even if I don't get into my desired MBA program I'll have a pile of cash in the bank that I can spend on something equally laser hair removal. I want to be as smooth and hairless as a Kardashian!