Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out of my Misery

I'll confess. I was getting worried.  Three weeks of invites had passed and my mailbox was conspicuously empty.  Well not empty, just lacking the right email: the invitation to interview at Wharton. According to GMAT Club, in the first two waves of invitations the only people to report receiving them were international and Lauder applicants.  In the third week the love got spread to the domestic applicants, but none toward me.  Although I felt that my Wharton application was my best one I still worried about getting an invite.  The applicant pool is ridiculously competitive and I know that there are people with better stats applying.  Seeing other people get their invites while I didn't reinforced these thoughts.  I know, I know, I know....I always say that being in the 1st wave (albeit domestic wave) isn't a big deal.  But I will admit that it's nice to be put out of your misery sooner rather than later.  Intellectually I knew that there was still plenty of time to receive the invite, but I will admit that my internal crazy did tick up a notch or two (maybe from a 2 to a 4).  I confided my worries to a few close friends and put on my best optimistic facade for everyone else.

I'm happy to say that as of last Thursday the optimism is no longer a facade.  I received the invite to interview at Wharton. I came back from my routine lunch time car nap (if you don't nap in your car during your lunch break I highly recommend it) to see an email with the subject, Invitation to Interview, awaiting me in my box.  I was so relieved, happy, and surprised that I audibly squealed at my desk.  I really liked Wharton when I visited last fall.  My favorite parts: The Iron Prof competition and the presence of Au Bon Pain (yummy).  My interview is scheduled for the morning of February 29.  If anyone else is interviewing that day and would like to meet for coffee in the morning or lunch in the afternoon, let me know.

Also good luck to those still waiting. I know Feb. 28 is looming, but Wharton has a history of sending a significant number of invites close to and on the mid decision date. I'm sure there will be a pleasant surprise in your inbox shortly.


Jack said...

Congrats on the interview invite! You are going to have some really tough choices to make when those 2nd round decisions come back.

Str1der said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! thats my bday, so its already a lucky sign :) cheers