Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ready and Willing

I have a laundry list of wants: a thin body, huge hair, admission to grad school, a life in New York, a new BCBG dress, and a littany of other things. He isn't on the list. Yes, I want a man, but not him. When something good happens to me, I don't feel the urge to share it with him. On a horrible day, he's not the person I call to vent to. Thoughts of him do not fill my idle time. My visions for the future do not include him.
Then he called, and I ran straight to him, 140 miles down the highway just because he asked me to hang out. Within two hours I was running from him, livid after yet another retread of the same argument we've been having for the past six months. Friends tell me I never should have gone to see him, remind me that I had said I was done with him. They're right. I am done. I'm done with arguing with him, missing him, and yearning for us to be like we were before the insanity set in. I don't want to go back to him.
But if he asked, I would. And he has asked. Each time he does I enter the ring for another round and get knocked out harder than the last time. Even though I don't want to work things out, I'm willing to try if he is. With him, I'm sixteen years old again, making decisions based on what others will or won't do. If he's not talking to me, then I'm not talking to him. If he wants to spend time with me, then I'm willing to drive to the ends of the earth to spend some time with him.
Is he worth it? Probably not. It's just that I can't seem to bring myself to give up on us. He's a hot mess, but Team Us is amazing. I can definitely live without us if us isn't a possibility. However, each time he comes back around it's as though he's saying we are definitely possible. And my gut never fails to tell me that passing up an opportunity to get us back is plain wrong.
I can't keep doing this. The fight gets a little worse each time we have it and the damage that much more evident. I'm done, for the third time (or maybe it's the fourth or fifth). I am not speaking to him. I am not missing him. I don't want a damn thing from him. But what I want to do has never been as big a problem as what I'm willing to do.


K said...

Screw the bad men, and screw grad school while we're at it.

Fatty crab, here we come ;)

Lenny said...

Great post!

mist1 said...

I want big hair too. If I drive with all my windows down and the roof open, I can achieve the perfect height.

Anonymous said...

Liz, you have a HOT body. DO NOT WISH FOR ANYTHING ELSE. Stay as you are!

Anonymous said...

I feel kinda bad for not being the friend telling you you never should've gone in the first place. I feel I even encouraged it, but only b/c I'm a realist, and I hate living with the what-ifs. I hope to God he just leaves you the hell alone. You're right: so long as no contact is made, a guy is not even an afterthought. Then, like radar, they sense that you're getting over them or, worse yet, that you are and they feel the need to rock the boat and rattle your brain. I say get your number changed! :-P

gr8gatsby said...

i have been here with my ex. there is no point whatsoever.